Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Catholic Kitsch

So you might not go to church on a regular basis or be able to recite the Creed off by heart, but that doesn't mean you can't express your faith through your clothes and accessories! Religious iconography has always been a big trend and crops up every now and then, especially amongst the Italian designers- I guess they just can't shake the stereotype. This year "Catholic Kitsch" and images of Mary in particular are the real stars of the show.

I've always had a penchant for all things religious, so now I have a good reason to show off a few things from my own collection along with a some gems I found online.


I've got this necklace as a present about seven years now and have, excuse the pun, been wearing it religiously ever since. It's a unique charm style necklace by Mawi which has the ten commandments written on little metal placards interspersed between lockets, signet rings, beads, pearls and more pretty things.

I found a similar hand-made charm bracelet on Etsy. Unfortunately they're not making any more of these but I thought I'd share it with you anyway because it's just gorgeous.

I bought this pendant from Ebay and people always comment on it. It really adds a little something to an otherwise plain outfit and at £5.99 you can't complain.

I also love my wooden Saints bracelets. You can buy these pretty much anywhere nowadays but I got mine from a church in Cochabamba, Bolivia in 2006.


I recently discovered an amazing Australian store called Black Milk which makes quirky printed apparel. I am absolutely in love with their 'Cathedral' leggings, a print which also comes as a skirt or dress.

I'm also a big fan of Teenage Millionaire's t-shirts. I've had my white Mary is my Homegirl one for quite a while now. I have a green Jesus is my Homeboy tee with matching cap too...the cap makes me look like a 14 year old scene kid/Justin Bieber so you'll be pleased to know that it only ever comes out on family holidays.


Emporio Armarni's clear PVC bag is the epitome of Catholic Kitsch. It was featured in a fashion editorial starring Dutch model-of-the-moment Anouk de Heer in the February/March 2012 edition of Wonderland magazine and as a result has kick started the Virgin Mary trend this season.

I found this clutch on Polyvore and think it's absolutely adorable. Might just have to get one...you could also buy the fabric directly from Robert Kaufman and make your own.

And finally, as you'll know from previous posts I quite like my nail art, so you'll understand my joy when I found these beauties. These transfers were available to buy on Etsy in the summer for a mere $8.99 but sadly they don't sell them anymore. Let's pray they bring them back.


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