Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I'll admit, I've 'flirted' with Pinterest in the past, but having recently become a fully-fledged user I'm now completely and utterly addicted.

For those of you who haven't heard of it I will do my best to explain. Pinterest, in a nutshell, is a virtual pinboard. It's an image sharing website, quite like Tumblr but more interactive and nicer to look at. You create different boards following your own personal interests, such as My style or Places I'd like to visit or For the home and you 'pin' images from other websites to them. The social aspect comes into play when you start following other people. You have to opportunity to look at their pins and 're-pin' them to your own boards. You also get a sort of news feed which looks a bit like this -

On the left hand side you have a live update stream which tells you when people follow you and like, comment or re-pin your pins and the remaining section shows you what's been pinned recently. As you can see I've been quite active today...

So far I have 7 boards. Before I joined I presumed Pinterest was predominantly a fashion/beauty kind of thing, but actually there's a lot more to it than that. You really centre it around your own interests. For instance, I'm an avid reader so I created a board called Literature which I'm using as a quasi-reading list for when I'm bored and in search of a good book to bury my nose in. 

Social networking sites are a bit like Pringles really...once you pop you just can't stop. I think the main attraction (or should I say problem?) with Pinterest is that it's really easy on the eye, and when you're faced with beautiful picture after beautiful picture it can be hard to tear yourself away. It's a haven for:

Gorgeous shoes and bags

Nude heels by Ellie Saab
Mint Prada

Mouthwateringly delicious recipes 

Feta, spinach and courgette salad
Salted caramel tart

Fashion forward make up and styling ideas

Model off-duty hair
Ombre lips

Future holiday destinations

Santorini, Greece
Venice, Italy

...and the most adorable puppy in the world

It's also a great way to drop hints. Who knows, if you're lucky someone might see those gorgeous shoes or bag you posted and decide to treat you. Unlikely I know, but a girl can dream can't she?

If you want to join you can either request to be added to the waiting list (currently about 4 weeks wait) or comment below with your email and I will send you an invite! Happy pinning!

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